Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Now it's time for today's medicinal dose of green

Today's Medicinal Dose of Green
The winter blahs are said to be caused by many things -- less exposure to bright sunlight, carb loading, less exercise and a supposed "hibernation response" are just a few. I think the absence of green probably plays just as big a part. After all, when our species evolved in Africa, it was surrounded by green most all the time. Why wouldn't we crave it, and feel sad when it goes away? So here's a bit of the green you won't see outside for a few months yet.

Today's Medicinal Dose of GreenIf you're hardy and have the right bike, you could go for a bike ride now (the wind chill is currently -6°F), but you won't see much green here in Madison. You could,however, go to the Bolz Conservatory of Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It's a riot of green. And you won't risk slipping on the ice.

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LindsayC77 said...

I saw that photo and breathed a little easier.

Strange. But thank you. :-) I think I need a trip to Olbrich's steamhouse next.