Thursday, February 24, 2011

Until now, a lot of people didn't know what signs like this were talking about

Forbes Magazine Blogger Seems to Think So Too
Scott Walker has been so hard to get hold of lately it had become a joke that the only people who could get through to him must be the Koch brothers -- but most of Wisconsin had never heard of the Koch brothers (unfortunately). Then Walker's staff put him on the line with someone they thought was one of the billionaire Koch brothers, who are major Walker campaign donors. They're also the financial muscle behind the Tea Party and other right wing attempts to repeal most of the progressive legislation of the last century and take us right back to the Gilded Age and the days of the Robber Barons.

Turns out Walker had plenty of time in his busy schedule for a nice, chatty 20-minute conversation with someone who has often been accused of being his puppet master. Now everyone knows who the Koch brothers are. Here's the transcript, which makes for interesting reading if you're too impatient to sit through the whole recording.

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