Monday, February 21, 2011

Walker has nothing against highly-paid public employees (if they're non-union and his buddies)

Far from it. As Milwaukee County Executive he even gave them big raises while dealing with a budget crisis in which hundreds of public workers would be laid off. And he bypassed traditional County Board approval to do so. That was two years ago last fall. Sound familiar?
Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker wants a 26% pay raise for his chief of staff, former Ald. Tom Nardelli, while bypassing traditional County Board approval in quietly issuing large pay raises over the summer to several other top aides.

Nardelli would get the biggest pay increase of top-tier county officials, a nearly $20,000 raise to $95,000 a year. Seven county administrators also scored increases of up to 12.5%.

Some supervisors are upset about being left out of the decision-making process for many of the raises and say Walker's timing couldn't be worse. Heavily rewarding a few top managers while Walker puts final touches on a 2009 budget that's expected to call for scores of layoffs of union workers sends a message of callous disregard, critics of the raises say.
When Walker was running for governor, critics warned he had wrecked Milwaukee County and would do the same to the state as governor. He seems to be doing his best.

Not enough voters paid attention in November. Now we're seeing the result, but people also are starting to wake up.

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