Saturday, February 19, 2011

What democracy looks like (times 70,000+)

And it's not like your typical short network news montage headlined "State of Chaos" (NBC Evening News tonight) and giving the pro-union demonstrators and the Tea Party counter-protesters equal time, even though there were 70,000+ of the former and maybe 2,000 of the latter at best.

I haven't been shooting much video at the rallies, since there are so many people there who have better equipment and a lot more experience. (Like Matt Wisniewski.) But I couldn't resist trying to document this moment, if ever so briefly. It was unbelievably moving to watch tens of thousands of Americans, an endless stream of people completely surrounding the Capitol Square, demonstrating their conviction about fairness, labor rights and democracy.

If Scott Walker couldn't hear them, he isn't listening!


joel hanes said...

He isn't listening. He will never listen.

Recall him next year.

But many WI Republican legislators are currently eligible for recall. You have the upper hand; right now is the moment to make them understand that they cannot arbitrarily abuse their own citizenry.

Got a suggestion for those of us from out-of-state who want to support the protestors? I've already sent pizza through Ian's and contributed to the Wisconsin Democratic Committee through Atrios's Badgers on Act Blue ...

Madison Guy said...

Here's an online site:

Keith Price said...

its more like: out of state protesters are being supported by people out of state buying the way, does this ian's pizza allow their workers to have collective bargaining? if not, why not?

Anonymous said...

He is NOT listening to anybody that does not have billions of dollars! I was at the capital for three days and couldnt believe ALL of the suporters! the pizzas came from all over the world i remember one man tell me sombody from egypt called in pizza's for us.