Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whose house? Our house!

Whose House? Our House!
The people forced their way back into the Capitol today. Earlier, there were only a few dozen dozen people in the Capitol. It was nearly 5:30, our meter was about to expire, and we were about to go.

Then someone said the Republicans were in the Senate chamber pulling a fast one, to hurry up the stairs and to let everyone know people were needed. You could feel the electronic waves ripple out all across the city -- Twitter, Facebook, email, text messages, IM, phone trees, you name it. The word got out and thousands came streaming toward the Capitol, students running up State Street. Crowds piled up outside.

Only a trickle of people were being admitted through the single door with its security setup, so there were only a few hundred there to demonstrate as the Republicans did their dirty work, behind closed doors.

The people kept coming. We found huge crowds outside as we left, still being held back by the security and single door. More people kept coming. We went home for a quick dinner. That's when we found out that the people had retaken the Capitol. We headed back -- and for the last few blocks leading up to the Square, all the cars were beeping the "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" chant. A raucus automotive symphony.

When we arrived at the Capitol, all the doors were open, the security had disappeared. They were already passing out water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Rotunda. And last I heard, the building was going to remain open all night.

There's just no way you can keep this many people who've had it and aren't going to take it anymore out of their house.

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