Monday, April 18, 2011

Nine out of ten nurses agree

Nine Out of Ten Nurses Agree
Good to know there are medical reasons for this strange affliction.

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Anonymous said...

Well, in Dec. 2010, the Tory (conservative) Leader in Parliament stated: "Anyone who does not agree with me obviously has somethign wrong with their brain" (Paraphrased), so the Liberal leader stood up and said (Paraphrased) "I Accept your challenge to an MRI brainscan contest ! " .....The rest is history. Hundreds of others have been tested too, leading to one very stark difference in the self-described "conservative" or "liberal" and in the "conservatives", there was a markedly much larger FEAR center near the lizard-brain of the stem, but further out, toward the cerebral cortex, the COURAGE center was markedly LARGER in Liberals.

This explains a lot, including why the politics of fear work so well with the right wing, and the politics of hope work so well with the left wing.

so there you have it, indeed, the teaparty's brains are even more wacky than the "normal self-described conservative" and thus, can not help but act like they have constipated brain with running mouth.

But do we get mad at tea partiers for that ?

Do we get mad at (e.g.) a 14 year old with the brain developement of a 3 year old ?


The best we can do is to try to help them.

But first, we must recognise the problem, and then put proper perspective on thier political rants to excuse and ignore it and THEN, maybe we can get down to business of directed-energy microwaves focused on that lizard brain fear center and see if we can shrink it just a little bit and test our results.

Are there any Tea Party'ers who are not afraid to volunteer for this test ? It could improve your life, and satisfaction you GET from living, in positive light rather than negative,

but the data reduction from that MRI Brainscan results gives us a "catch-22" on that.

Just as Al Franken's book about Rush being a fat liar and idiot predict that the book out there alone would cause Rush to diet, and lose weight, and Wah Lah ! the prediction came true !

"scared into dieting" could be Rush's book title.

Well, just that there is another science out there for the Repubes to "HATE".

Here months later, I'm still waiting to hear the GOP spin on those MRI brainscan results indicating what a bunch of cowards they are.

HOWEVER, fear can be a complex thing, if you are playing chicken, the fear that peer pressure has on one may be more important than the fear of talking or doing something stupid, or dangerous too.

Fascinating subject, but, yes, I can believe tea partier's brains constipated and thier mouths running is actually true !