Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Farmer and activist Tony Schultz giving the speeches at the Capitol nobody will ever forget

Tony Schultz Speaking at the Tractorcade March 12
This photo of mine appeared in Thursday's Isthmus story about Tony Schultz, an organic family farmer from Athens, WI, who gave an incredible speech at the Capitol after the March 12 Tractorcade. He connected the interests of urban union workers and family farmers, in a way that nobody who heard him will ever forget. I was fortunate to be able to get this video earlier as Tony warmed up the crowd waiting for the tractors with a shorter, but also memorable, version of his speech.

Photo Note: Since I was using my camera to shoot video, I didn't have any stills of Tony when Isthmus called, so I agreed to see what I could pull from the video. The resolution is 1280x720 pixels -- fine for screen resolution or printing on newsprint. It's always hard to get a good still photo of a public speaker, and you usually have to shoot a lot to catch them without an awkward expression in mid-consonant. But in the 1-min, 22-sec video I basically had 1,968 still frames to choose from.

Normally, I can create a still jpeg in-camera if the card hasn't been overwritten. In this case, it was, so I had to do it in iMovie on the computer, but it still didn't take long.

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