Monday, May 23, 2011

It's really hard to play Hide and Go Seek at night when you glow in the dark

It's Hard to Play Hide and Go Seek at Night When You Glow in the Dark
"Hide and Go Seek" is a sculpture installation by artist Christopher Murphy alongside John Nolen Drive just outside Olin Park, funded by the Madison Arts Commission's BLINK temporary art program. In the daytime they're easy to miss when you drive by, but the figures are hard to miss after dark, when they are lit from within by LED lights. Last year, Murphy did the "Girl on a Ledge" atop the Madison Children's Museum, also illuminated from within.

Note: If you want to take a longer look than you get flashing by at 50 mph headed downtown, take the Olin Ave. entrance into the park's south parking lot. You'll be able to park nearby for a closer look. Better yet, ride a bike -- they're right on the bike path.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for calling attention to this. I haven't been down that way at night lately... Now I know that I should put it on my agenda. :)

Rick said...

Yippie! That's me running to hide.

Vejadude said...

The Girl is now sitting on my front porch and infrequently gets gifts left on her book.
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