Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hard Times, Sickness, Financial Distress

Tell Scott Walker You Don't Want Credit Unions to Become Banks

I photographed this Mirro Employees Credit Union billboard in Manitowoc, WI in 1980. Mirro Aluminum Company, the famous aluminum cooking utensil company, was once one of the largest employers in Manitowoc. Much of it had already been moved out of the city when I took the photo, and now it's all long gone now.

The sign points to an earlier era in credit union history, when they were chartered as cooperatives to provide financial services to working people at a time when banks mostly did not serve people of limited means. The umbrella was a familiar symbol of the credit union movement. Most credit unions no longer market themselves this way. Instead, they position themselves as member-owned banks, providing a full range of modern banking services to their members.


Anonymous said...

This blog should be re-named the scott walker blog.

Anonymous said...

It was worry some when competitors of Credit Unions drafted this legislation over the outrage of the Credit Union members (owners). Walker is "anti-Union", we are just finding out how wide that bias goes.

k*thy said...

The current head of WMC used to be the head of the Wisconsin Bankers Association. Suprised?

Madison Guy said...

It figures.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, shocked.

What a surprise -- NOT.

Scooter wants to crush anything that can't show a profit.

How sad and sickening...but utterly predictable from this bunch -- the "Not Ready for Prime Time" players.
Except unlike the original group, this one really ISN'T ready.

I wonder what stance CUNA Mutual will take? LOL.