Thursday, August 25, 2011

Edward Hopper would have loved mood of The Loraine at night

Edward Hopper Would Have Loved The Loraine at Night
The Loraine was the grandest hotel in Madison when it was built in 1924, andit hosted many luminaries over the years -- including presidents Truman and Kennedy. Times changed, and so did Madison's hotel market, and in 1968 the building was converted to office space for the state of Wisconsin. In 2001 it was renovated and took on new life as The Loraine luxury condominiums.

Photographed with handheld iPhone, HDR on, filtered in-camera with ShockMyPic, Gaussian blue applied in PS. It's a combination that gives interesting Hopperesque effects at night, as long as the light is not too low.

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ellroon said...

I can hear 30s music...