Friday, August 05, 2011

The lonely, brooding vigil of the solitary heron at Stricker's Pond in Middleton

Great Blue Heron
Lately, when we've been walking at Stricker's Pond in Middleton my attention has usually been captivated by the Sandhill Cranes that have reappeared. I love their ungainly majesty, and their wild calls, the way they stretch out in flight. And the domesticity of these pair-bonded creatures is fascinating to watch. Great Blue Herons also spend a lot of time at the pond. They're more solitary than the cranes, and there's something poignant about their lonely vigils, even if -- as I suspect -- they're just waiting for their next meal to swim into sight.

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Mark Leggett said...

Enjoyed your photo, Peter. We even have Great Blue Herons here in the California desert. And like in Wisconsin, they maintain a lonely vigil. For something. Cheers.

Madison Guy said...

Hi Mark -- here are some more Madison birds. We miss the Steller's Jays in Big Sur. How are you guys finding Palm Springs compared to Sarasota?

Mark Leggett said...

Thanks for the birds, Peter. Exquisite! Great to see the Sandhill Cranes, which really pushed me into birding years ago. Had forgotten how pinkish the Madison sky could be. Ah, the move. Night and day, but we've settled in. Miss the cultural life of Sarasota compared to here; so we drive often to Pasadena, LA (only on Su afternoons!) and San Diego. Like the diversity and political climate here far better than in Florida. Both offer startling landscapes. Oh, those afternoon rains in Sarasota! Nothing like that in Palm Springs. Hardly the only gay couple in town, which is relaxing. Off tomorrow on a 3 1/2 week road trip to Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Northern California. And then a month in South Africa confronting our bird and mammal past. Cheers to you both!