Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legislative Recall Election Night

No Matter How They Spin It, This Was Not a Republican Victory
The atmosphere was electric with energy last night on the Capitol Square, most of all at the corner from which Ed Schultz was broadcasting the Wisconsin recall election results to the nation and the world on MSNBC. -- especially during those giddy moments when it briefly looked as if Sandy Pasch's surprising lead over Alberta Darling might hold up, and the Democrats might actually win the necessary three seats to take back control of the state Senate.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, you are trying to spin this. The only goal here was to retake the senate. Claiming that there is some silver lining here is disingenuous. The final tally was 53%-47% in favor of the Republican candidates. Yes, they were from Republican districts, but that doesn't matter. When you combine these results with the Supreme Court election results, you see a clear trend. The left was as fired up for this election as it has ever been for anything. They pulled out all the stops. They lost.
I don't blame you for trying to see the good in this, but you're really stretching. The Democrats had clear short-term goal. They failed to achieve it. It's silly to claim any kind of victory at all simply because they have not yet failed to achieve their long-term goal.
But, hey, if it makes you feel better, then more power to you. Have fun with that.

Madison Guy said...

We knew going in that recall elections are tough. Wisconsin Republicans earn a footnote in the history books by becoming the first party to lose two legislative seats in a single recall. Some "victory."

This always was a long-term struggle that could only be won one step at a time. Last night, we took two steps. Too bad it wasn't three, but two makes a great start, once we get over the disappointment about not attaining all of our ambitious goals.

The Humanitarian Libertarian said...


This is yet further proof that the Left lives in fantasy land! The sad part is that too many of the parrots on the Left will swallow this BS as gospel.

Hey, hey, ho, ho, the mob is gonna go!

Anonymous said...

I love how the Righties and libeertarians are spinning this.

The fact is, 2 Republican Senators were defeated and replaced by 2 Democrats.

Plus, Dale Schulz of Richland Center, a Repub, can't be counted on to support Walker's BS policies.
The score may be 17-16, but one
waver like Schulz can change everything.

Scott Walker, you're next. Keep spinning how you want bipartisanship. Deeds, not words.

Your Machivellian deeds of the last 8 months speak very, very loudly.

Elephants and Badgers don't forget.