Sunday, September 04, 2011

Venetian Night braves the elements

Venetian Night on Lake Mendota
Sunday night, the elements conspired in vain against Venetian Night on Lake Mendota. The third annual lighted boat parade from Maple Bluff along the south shore of the lake to the Memorial Union went off as planned(sans fireworks, save for a few rogue rockets that shot skyward during the middle of the show). The boats fought choppy waters, plunging temperatures and a wild, screaming wind out of the northwest. But led by this Google sponsored boat with a unique badger twist, the brave and twinkling flotilla pitched, heaved, yawed, rolled and bucked its way toward completion of the course, delighting thousands along the shore. The end was anticlimactic, however, as it was too windy to launch the fireworks that were scheduled to provide a dramatic finale.

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