Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's stalking whom?

Checking Me Out
On a recent walk around Stricker's Pond, we saw these Sandhill Cranes off in the distance of the nearby park. I started walking toward them with my camera, clicking off shots. Then they took an interest in me. First they started strolling toward me, as if they just happened to be coming in this direction. Then they ran more rapidly in my direction. I had to force myself to stand my ground. They're big birds, and they were approaching like feathered velociraptors. But they slowed down, seemed to lose interest ("just another human holding one of those glass eyes"?) and wandered off.

1 comment:

ellroon said...

Gah! I would have started running and then they would have decided I was food and then...

Nice shots. Glad the cranes are coming back.