Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Madison Day 23: Settled in at their new, more permanent home at 800 E. Washington (old Don Miller lot)

Occupy Madison Settled in at Their New, More Permanent Home on E. Washington
Saturday was Day 23 of Occupy Madison. They're now in a more permanent home a short walk from the Capitol and actions in the downtown area -- including Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerc, just up the road at 501 E. Washington. The place already has a lived-in look after a few days, and in the old Don Miller car lot they have much more visibility on a major thoroughfare. There's room to grow and for people to drop in. They're in it for the long haul. Like Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movements it launched around the country and around the world, Occupy Madison is not going away -- no matter how much critics try to marginalize it. It's hard to marginalize people representing the other 99%. You can find out more at their website.

March in Solidarity with Scott Olsen and Occupy OaklandThis is one of the things Occupy Madison was doing Saturday, along with the Clarence Kailin Chapter of Veterans for peace -- the solidarity march for Scott Olsen and Occupy Oakland. Scott Olsen is the Wisconsin Marine from Onalaska who was hit by a police projectile and suffered a skull fracture in the police assault on Occupy Oakland -- a more dangerous place for Scott Olsen than two tours of duty in Iraq. Olsen's injury and the brutality of police in Oakland against peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of assembly has galvanized Occupy movements around the country.

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