Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in time for the holidays, Monona Terrace has a deceptive little brush with winter

Monona Terrace Exterior
Winter toyed with us over the weekend, and brushed the Monona Terrace with a light dusting of snow.

Monona Terrace InteriorA cold front swept in Friday night, and Saturday morning we had our first shovelable snow of the season -- although you could probably have used a big broom just as well as a shovel. The slightly snowy exterior was a gray and wintry contrast to the bright colors inside, where the Monona Terrace was all dressed up for the holidays, complete with giant snowflakes projected on the ceiling.

The snow was deceptive. Now it's just as gray outside, and almost all the snow has already melted. They're forecasting sprinkles, not snowflakes, followed by sunny weather from Thursday through Tuesday. A white Christmas doesn't seem to be in the picture this year. (Something that's not all that rare in Wisconsin, though it's been five years since it last happened.)

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