Friday, August 12, 2011

Edgewood's short but lovely urban nature walk

Edgewood College's walk along Lake Wingra isn't very long, but it's as nice a nature walk as any in the city -- ranging from a boardwalk surrounded by cattails waving in the wind to cool, shaded paths that wind along the lake.

A Short but Lovely Urban Nature WalkStarting at the parking lot in the northwest corner of Vilas Park, the walk is only a 1.14-mile roundtrip. Nothing, really. But the variety of surfaces -- stretches of boardwalk alternate with a constantly changing wood chip path -- are great for your joints, giving a nice, gentle whole body workout in a short period of time. And there's a great variety of natural features to observe, ranging from an open wetland observation deck deck surrounded by cattails to shaded paths surrounded by trees, wildflowers and woodland plants.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legislative Recall Election Night

No Matter How They Spin It, This Was Not a Republican Victory
The atmosphere was electric with energy last night on the Capitol Square, most of all at the corner from which Ed Schultz was broadcasting the Wisconsin recall election results to the nation and the world on MSNBC. -- especially during those giddy moments when it briefly looked as if Sandy Pasch's surprising lead over Alberta Darling might hold up, and the Democrats might actually win the necessary three seats to take back control of the state Senate.