Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The calendar says it's winter, but I find that hard to believe

The Calendar Says Its Winter But I Find That Hard to Believe
This isn't winter, it's Novembuary. Normally by this time of year I've put on my big, warm winter parka to protect myself from the elements, but this year I haven't touched it. It's been jacket weather all the way. (Edgewood College nature walk, Madison.)

The Drifts This Winter Have Been Cattail Fluff, Not Snow

The drifts in Madison so far this winter haven't been snow, but cattail fluff. The cattails in the Lake Wingra wetlands haven't had to worry about being weighed down by snow, and they've been merrily shedding little blizzards of fluff.

Cattails in the Novembuary Sun

The cattails have been basking in the Novembuary sun. This is the view from the boardwalk on the Edgewood College nature walk. Normally by this time of year, the cattails would have been beaten down by wind and weather, snow and ice -- but they're standing tall, happily shedding little mini blizzards of fluff.

Duckweed. Thriving. In Madison, WI. In January.

In Edgewood's Lake Jewel spring, the duckweed has been thriving. In Madison, Wisconsin. In midwinter. Everywhere you look, bits of green are popping up. The plants just can't help themselves.

The Wooly Bear Saw Its Shadow Yesterday

On the Edgewood boardwalk, this Wooly Bear caterpillar saw its shadow the other day. Does that mean snow is on the way? Maybe. The weather forecasts say it should start snowing late tonight and then snow all day tomorrow. Finally -- though it's not as if they haven't said that before. I'll believe it when I see it, and deal with it then. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy our unexpected spring.

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