Friday, February 03, 2012

The hoarfrost that wasn't -- picturesque trees in the countryside outside Madison near Verona

Trees Painted White by Freezing Temperatures
Trees in the Madison area turned frosty white after colder temps moved in after last night's misty, foggy weather.

Not So Much Hoarfrost As Thousands of Tiny Icicles in the Trees Melting in the SunAt first I thought it was hoarfrost that had covered treetops with delicate white brushstrokes. But looking closer, I wasn't so sure. I didn't see the usual filigree of frost. Instead, it looked as if the trees were covered with thousand of tiny icicles (click on photo to enlarge). Maybe the trees had been wet, and the water dripped downward in the direction of the wind and froze as it dripped. From a distance it looked like hoarfrost, but up close it was a strange effect I had never seen before -- all these slanting, icy little daggers, which were starting to fall to the ground around me, clinking as they fell.


Kerri said...

So lovely!

joel hanes said...

freezing drizzle