Thursday, March 22, 2012

"What's for lunch?" asked the Cooper's Hawk

What's for Lunch?
I was shooting spring foliage when this stunning raptor swooped down into a nearby tree and started scanning for prey. I had just an instant to frame and focus and squeeze off a single shot through the leaves before it flew off behind a house. I thought it was a Cooper's Hawk, and found I was right by uploading it to the wonderful Bird Identification Help Group on Flickr, where bird watchers from all around the world help ID birds,


nichole said...

Gorgeous shot. I've seen so many hawks around the city this year - up to a dozen at a time.

David Evans said...

Beautiful shot. And it makes the case for carrying an SLR, bulky though they are. My bridge camera would still have been waking up - and probably trying to focus on the leaves.

Madison Guy said...

David, I was thinking the same thing, since normally I would have had my Coolpix with me. It would not have gotten the shot.