Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Venus brushes past the Seven Sisters and moves on with a friendly wave goodbye

Venus Brushes Past the Seven Sisters and Moves On with a Friendly Wave Goodbye
The reason I took photos of Venus and the Pleiades the last two nights was in case it was cloudy tonight, when they were supposed to have their closest encounter. It started out cloudy and Venus wasn't visible at all. Then the clouds thinned, and Venus became visible, glowing in the clouds, but the Pleiades weren't visible at all, overwhelmed by the clouds and the brightness of both Venus and the ambient moonlight, brighter than last night, and far brighter than the night before. But the clouds seemed to be thinning, so I set up the tripod and hoped the wispy bits of cloud would part enough to reveal the Seven Sisters. Eventually they did.

Back to the long lens again, 200mm -- f/11, 2 sec., -1EV, aperture priority. High ISO Noise reduction turned up. Also turned Active D Lighting to High, in hopes it would keep the very bright Venus from totally overwhelming the dimmer stars. Slight tweaking in Photoshop. It is what it is.

Bye, Venus!

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