Friday, April 20, 2012

Watching an enchanting, slapstick pantomime fairy tale at the Orpheum Theater last night

Is She Mad or Is She Really a Fairy? Only Fiona knows.It was rainy, windy and cold when we went to the Orpheum Theater for our Wisconsin Film Festival screening last night.

Cold, Rainy Thursday Night at the Wisconsin Film FestivalAmong other things, "The Fairy" features this uniquely over-the-top chase sequence. The couple on a scooter -- Dom and Fiona -- are chasing a car driven by a virtually blind driver, trying to retrieve the unsecured baby on the trunk. The excitement comes from rear projection, the art comes from an almost balletic pantomime perfection. "The Fairy" is charming and whimsical, contains several inspired pantomime slapstick sequences -- as well as Dom and Fiona's magical underwater dance, with phosphorescent jellyfish dancing past them in a little chorus line and a giant clam also making an appearance. If you're lucky and there are some no-shows, you might still be able to catch "The Fairy" at its second screening tonight at Sundance.

Disclaimer: Like they used to say in the old TV ads, picture on screen is simulated (promotional still). The Orpheum is real.


George H. said...

I was there, too, and except for the terrible traffic, a wonderful experience. Love sitting in the balcony at the Orpheum, though the steps are poorly lighted or not lighted at all. Great movie.

Madison Guy said...

Yes, this film was well worth risking life and limb on those balcony steps in the dark. Problem with the steps seemed to be that they don't have lights of their own, so the only way to illuminate them was to turn up the house lights, and they left them off so a handful of people could watch the credits while everyone else stumbled down the stairs in the dark. Lucky no one was hurt.