Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mifflin Street Block Party: UW's Dean of Students' unique experiment in negative viral marketing sort of succeeds

Let's Party!
We stopped by the Mifflin Street Block Party on the way back from the Farmers' Market, having found a rare nearby on-street parking space. More photos in this set.

By previous year's standards, it was a pretty tame event. Not much entertainment, unless your idea of entertainment is to watch people being arrested. The police did what they said they were going to do and made lots of arrests for open alcohol containers on the street, underage drinking and trespassing (including UW running back Montee Ball), and there was none of the violence and sexual assaults that marred last year's event.

Attendance was way down. About 5,000 people showed up, compared to last year's crowd of 25,000. You might say that UW Madison dean of students Lori Berquam's unique experiment in negative viral marketing, the "Don't Go" campaign that launched a thousand parodies, succeeded. In a manner of speaking.

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