Monday, May 28, 2012

Symphony of Summer Color

Symphony of Summer Color

Wingra Boats, Madison, which started its regular all-week-long summer hours this Memorial Day weekend.

Photographed with an iPhone 4 using the Autostitch app, which combines multiple exposures into a panorama. It has some advantages over many other pano apps. Unlike Pano and DMD, for example, you don't have to shoot from left to right, and you don't have to hold your phone in a certain way. And best of all, it can export high res images up to 18 Mb. This is a 5598x1786-pixel file, which seems astonishing, given that it's all coming from a cell phone. I could have made it bigger, but processing and rendering time go up in proprtion to the number of shots and desired file size.

To check out how much detail is contained in the file, click this link to the original size and scroll around. (Note the paddle boards and kayaks out on the lake.)

PS: I like jagged borders like this on panoramas, but if you prefer your photos rectilinear, you can line up your Autostitch images that way and crop to your preference.

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