Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Sandhills

Solstice Sandhills These Sandhill Cranes were right along the Pheasant Branch Creek Trail yesterday. I think this is the first bird photo I ever took with the iPhone -- not by choice, but by necessity. Usually the wide angle lens of the iPhone meets many of my photo needs, but it does not have a real telephoto zoom (just an electronic zoom that zooms by discarding pixels -- ouch!) and so I usually carry my Coolpix with me. It would have been perfect for this, but unfortunately I discovered I had left the battery in the charger. It was the iPhone or nothing, so I gritted my teeth and gingerly moved the zoom slider as little as I could while still capturing the birds (which were remarkably unbothered by my awkward fumbling about).

 It turned out OK, with a bit of touching up in Photoshop, but I sure wish I'd had my battery.

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