Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wohoo! At last! A photo editing app for my iPhone with a clone stamp that works!

Wohoo! At Last! A Photo Editing App for My iPhone with a Clone Stamp That Works!

I like the pattern these escalator steps (Hilldale target store, Madison) make, especially side by side, but this abstract diptych is really intended to illustrate a point. I tried several photo editing apps this afternoon, trying  to find one with a clone stamp I could use on my iPhone. A couple of apps, PhotoForge and Photogene, both have a lot of bells and whistles and used to have clone stamps, but their current versions for the iPhone no longer do (don't know about iPad). Then I tried Filterstorm. It has a full range of features, including macros, masks and layers, but it also has a very useful clone stamp that is implemented elegantly in the small surface area of the iPhone screen.

I decided to use the image on the left as a quick test. There's little documentation that I could find, but the interface is pretty intuitive, and within five minutes of downloading the app I had used the clone stamp to take out an easy target -- the bit of yellow at lower left. You can zoom in for detailed work, so I assume I could use Filterstorm for more challenging situations as well. In addition, Filterstorm will work with and export high-res images (like panoramas, for example...)

Now I really do feel I have a photo editing studio in my pocket. Whether I need it is another question, but it's nice  to have it.

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