Monday, July 02, 2012

The future is here but not yet quite ready for prime time

The Future Is Here but Not Quite Ready for Prime Time There are a number of these charging stations for electric cars around town (this is on Monroe Street, next to the library), but so far, few takers. I have yet to see anyone filling up an electric anywhere in the city, though there must be a few people who do.

One reason might be that here in the Midwest, all-electrics don't have nearly as good a carbon footprint as hybrids. That's because so much of our electric power is generated by coal.


Sarah said...

happy to see this post! we just got a great lease deal on a chevy volt this past april ($250/mo x3yrs) at ballweg in middleton and we love the mg+e pilot program for parking! unfortunately, though, when driving specifically to ramps i know have an e-space, i've run into non-elec vehicles parked in the only e-space in the ramp! grr!

love the blog!

sarah, madison

Madison Guy said...

Thanks -- and good luck with the Volt!