Friday, July 13, 2012

New Hope for Madison's most picturesque ruin

New Hope for Garver Feed Mill

On our way home from Olbrich Botanical Gardens last night, we took a spin past Madison's most picturesque ruin, the Garver feed mill, painted by the late afternoon sun and fringed with unkempt wildflowers.
It looked doomed when Common Wealth Development's plan to rehab the facility as an arts incubator collapsed due to lack of sufficient funding. But Isthmus recently reported that the city of Madison and Olbrich Gardens have been working on plans to stabilize some or all of the deteriorating structure, perhaps to serve as storage for Olbrich Gardens pending the development of a long-range plan for further restoration and community use. I hope  they succeed. It would be a shame if this resource were allowed to fall into further neglect leading to eventual demolition.

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