Thursday, December 20, 2012

One More (Temporary) Snowmageddon Casualty

One More (Temporary) Snowmageddon Casualty

The CEO of Christmas Inc. was returning from a last-minute trip around the world to make sure all the components of the supply chain were in place and fine-tuned for the big rush Monday night -- the factories in China, the regional warehouses, and all the subsidiary fulfillment centers. (You don't believe the old myth that a bunch of Arctic elves can handle the whole thing, do you? Some elves were promoted into management; the rest were laid off. Christmas Inc. outsources with the best of them.)

The CEO was on his way back to corporate headquarters when, somewhere over the Midwest, he encountered turbulent gale force headwinds and fell off his sleigh. He may have become disoriented by the whiteout conditions. Or maybe it was the many stops he made along the way to indulge in his great passion, holiday eggnog. Fortunately, his ample padding and the deep snow broke his fall.

No harm done. Sleigh team leader Rudolph used his state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging system to quickly locate the fallen corporate titan and they are now back safe and sound at headquarters. It takes more than a snowstorm to shut down Christmas Inc.

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