Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Madison got very little of last night's badly needed rain, most of which once again fell north of us, but the cool front ushered in some very pleasant weather. This is how it looked on Lake Wingra.

Summer Solstice Sandhills

Solstice Sandhills These Sandhill Cranes were right along the Pheasant Branch Creek Trail yesterday. I think this is the first bird photo I ever took with the iPhone -- not by choice, but by necessity. Usually the wide angle lens of the iPhone meets many of my photo needs, but it does not have a real telephoto zoom (just an electronic zoom that zooms by discarding pixels -- ouch!) and so I usually carry my Coolpix with me. It would have been perfect for this, but unfortunately I discovered I had left the battery in the charger. It was the iPhone or nothing, so I gritted my teeth and gingerly moved the zoom slider as little as I could while still capturing the birds (which were remarkably unbothered by my awkward fumbling about).

 It turned out OK, with a bit of touching up in Photoshop, but I sure wish I'd had my battery.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice Skyscape

Rays of Solstice Light
Bicycling yesterday on the North Fork of the Pheasant Branch Creek Trail tonight west of Middleton, riding into the setting sun, rays of light sunbursting outward. Autostitch panorama on iPhone 4.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next time you're in the Milwaukee Art Museum, don't forget to look down at the floor

Next Time You're in the Milwaukee Art Museum Look Down
Some of the most beautiful work in the Milwaukee Art Museum's permanent galleries in the War Memorial Center designed by Eero Saarinen are the intricately textured hardwood floors, which glow with an inviting, burnished warmth. But more than half a century of wear and tear in the 1957 building have left the structure and the floors in need of renovation.

Non-monochromatic Milwaukee River Walk Sunset Mosaic

Non-monochromatic Milwaukee River Walk Sunset Mosaic

OK, I probably get a little carried away with the black and white sometimes. T is right -- this one probably  wants to be color. Compare B&W.

Large on Black.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The price of art is eternal vigilance

The Price of Art Is Eternal Vigilance

Guarding the portal at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

(Two-image blended photo mosaic, photographed with iPhone 4 and stitched and cropped in Autostitch. B&W conversion and additional processing in Snapseed. I could have taken one exposure -- but the two images added a bit of resolution and provided more of a curved perspective to go with the art.)

Argo and the Calatrava

Argo and the Calatrava
Took a little jaunt to Milwaukee yesterday: Argo by Alexander Liberman and the addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava. Panorama photographed with iPhone 4 and processed with Autostitch.

View Large on Black.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remember when cars were massive road sculptures and 8-cylinders were cool instead of gas guzzlers?

Buick Eight
Buick Eight rusting away peacefully in Dr. Evermor's Art Park. From the time when American cars were huge, heavy road sculptures. Father's or grandfather's car, as the case may be. Happy Father's Day!

"Hey, big guy! OK, so you're faster and louder than I am. But can you sing?"

Hey, Big Guy! You're Faster and Louder Than I Am -- But Can You Sing?
Morey Field Airport, Middleton, along the North Fork of the Pheasant Branch Creek Trail.

Jazz in the Park down by Lake Wingra

Jazz in the Park
Saturday afternoon was the 21st annual Jazz in the Park. festival, the laid back annual event in Wingra Park that follows a morning of lake cleanup activities.