Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Demanding justice for Paul Heenan

Demanding Justice for Paul Heenan
Sam Stevenson speaking at the Justice for Paul Heenan rally at the City-County Building this noon, which he organized. A very drunk but unarmed Heenan was shot and killed by MPD Officer Stephen Heimsness Nov. 19 in an incident that had friends, neighbors and community members deeply concerned, despite the results of the MPD's investigation exonerating Heimsness. Read Stevenson's statement here, which details that night's tragic events, and which demands an independent investigation of what looks all too much like a cover-up. (Along the way, you'll learn about a novel term justifying killing of an unarmed suspect, "auditory exclusion.")

Paulie Deserves an Independent Investigation
Madison is unusual among cities its size for not having an independent review process for police shootings. Justice for Paul Heenan and the safety of our citizens demands an independent investigation of his killing, as well as a review of MPD's training and procedures.

Paul Is Dead
Madison lost a gentle young man who had many friends in his neighborhood and the Madison music community. He died needlessly before his time,and nothing will bring him back. The best thing we can do to remember him is to make sure nothing like this allowed to happen again in our community.

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