Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thanks for Making the World a Better Place, Apple. Not.

Thanks for Making the World a Better Place, Apple. Not.

I expect crazy stuff from the NRA, but I don't expect to find it in Apple's App Store. This is the NRA's Practice Range shooting app for kiddies to play on the iPhone and iPad. It's free on the App Store, but you can "unlock" fancier weapons for $.99 each.

After the NRA blamed the Sandy Hook school shootings on violent video games, they chose to launch this "educational" video game a month later, complete with coffin shaped targets and handy red markers indicating chest and head. The app was originally announced as appropriate for ages 4 and up, until public outcry raised the age to 12. Again,  it's about what I expect from those wild and crazy guys at the NRA, but I'm surprised that Apple -- which has to approve every single app in their App Store -- thought this was a worthwhile recipient of their implicit endorsement. Especially at this point in time.

I downloaded this to get a screen grab and fire a few rounds (with impressive sound effects, muzzle flashes and animated destruction). As soon as I exhausted one 15-round clip a hand reached up and inserted another (educating players, I suppose, on how important it is to have extra 15-round clips sitting around -- get that, kiddies?) It's all kind of addictive, which seems to be the idea.

And then I deleted it. Wish Apple would do the same.

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