Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting acquainted with My iPhone 5s and Its Camera

Getting Acquainted with My iPhone 5s and Its Camera
Photo taken in Badger Prairie Park, Verona, WI, slightly enhanced in Snapseed -- but the capture is all iPhone 5s. The lens is fast enough (f/2.2) to create a bit of bokeh in the background. It was very windy when I took the photo, but shooting wide open at ISO 40, the exposure was for 1/1786 sec., freezing the milkweed.

Something else I like: You can now shoot square format within the camera app, rather than having to open up another app like Instagram or Hipstamatic. Cool! I've had a lingering fondness for square format ever since shooting for a time with a twin lens reflex back in my film days.

Yesterday I upgraded from the iPhone 4, which I've had for three years. Haven't had much time to take photos, though -- I've been too busy pursuing my 24-hour crash course in advanced battery management.

With iOS7, the phone does many amazing things involving wifi, cellular data and gps to better serve the user, Apple, corporate advertisers and, who knows, probably the NSA. After a couple hours of intensive use you're likely to have used up a major part of your battery charge. I'm resigned to living in a surveillance state and have pretty much given up on the notion of privacy, but I do care about battery life. A lot. So I've been spending a lot of time finding out what features and settings to disable. Think I've finally got it figured out -- battery life seems back about where it was with my old phone.

I long ago started leaving my DSLR home most days in favor of a Nikon Coolpix. Now maybe I'll start leaving the Coolpix home in favor of the iPhone.

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