Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Should Be Done About the Mural That Time Forgot?

What Should Be Done About The Mural That Time Forgot? Artist Richard Haas who painted this mural in 1985 is doing a talk and Q&A tonight at Monona Terrace at a benefit for the UW Foundation. Later this year the Chazen will have a retrospective of his work.

In 1985, this was one of Madison's most expensive and controversial works of public art. Critics said, among other things, that if and when the Monona Terrace were ever built, it would cover up the mural. Ten years later it was, and it did. I wrote this blog post about the work's history and how poignant it was that it had had been effectively entombed.

What, if anything, do you think should be done about it? There have been suggestions to improve the lighting to make the mural more visible. Personally, I think drive-by viewing at 45mph isn far from ideal and not very safe. What about a permanent exhibit at the Monona Terrace showcasing the art and the site as they originally appeared. After all, it's part of the history of Monona Terrace.

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