Friday, June 12, 2015

Letting the Product Speak for Itself

Letting the Product Speak for Itself
Apple's iPhone marketing seemed to lose its way after Steve Jobs was gone, resorting to generic lifestyle advertising that could as well have been for any smartphone. With this ad campaign -- in both TV and print media -- they seem back on track. They're letting the product speak for itself by demonstrating in glossy print ads and TV clips one of the most distinctive features of the iPhone -- its amazing camera, the camera that made serious cell phone photography something more than an oxymoron. It also gave rise to a wide range of post processing apps for the phone. And it inspired a host of Android-based competitors.

For my money, it's still the best overall -- partly because it has avoided the mindless, counterproductive pixel race of its competitors. Apple's 8mp sensor hit a sweet spot for cell phone sensors.

Because I worked in print media for a long time, one of my tests of a good camera has always been, will it produce an image suitable for full-page magazine publication? The new ads clearly demonstrate that it does.

I naturally shoot mostly in the medium-wide to normal lens range, so the iPhone 5s usually meets my needs perfectly. Ideally, I'd like my camera to be unobtrusive with a quiet or even silent shutter (I can completely turn off the shutter sound of the iPhone).

For all these reasons and more, the iPhone is usually my camera of choice these days. And I'm grateful that Steve Jobs was such a lover of photography that he was determined to put a quality camera in his new phone.

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