Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thank You, Madison Police Department!

Thank you, Madison Police Department!

There's something especially sickening and dispiriting about the theft of a well-loved bike. That's what happened to T a couple of weeks ago. We never expected to see the bike again, a Raleigh Detour that would be especially hard to replace. The frame fit perfectly, but it also had some features that don't usually come together as a package -- internal gears and brakes, generator hub and lights, chain guard and rack. But mostly, T just really loved that bike.

It was really gloomy this morning, but I decided to take a walk in the rain. Suddenly my phone rang. Juggling phone and umbrella, I took the call -- and it was as if the sun had suddenly come out. It was the police, and they had recovered the bike, none the worse for wear.

I was glad I had filed a police report. (You only need the serial number -- or a bike license -- and a description.) They told me when I went to pick up the bike that they actually recover a surprisingly high percentage of the bikes that are reported missing, but that many people never file because they wrongly think there's no point. But there is. Thanks again, Madison Police Department!

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