Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I hope the Democrats get it together before Trump sucks all the media air out of the room

The media now seem to be 100% Trump 100% of the time, shamelessly whoring after the clickbait he so irresistibly provides. The Democrats are disappearing from the news cycle altogether -- while still arguing about whether Hillary is a tool of Wall Street, a useless controversy if there ever was one, because it's so devoid of context.

Yes, there was a Democratic presidential candidate who got twice as much money from Wall Street as the Republican opponent. His name was Barrack Obama in 2008. That didn't make him the pawn of Wall Street either. The Democrats passed Dodd-Frank, and Wall Street turned against them big time. Look at the chart. Hedge funds gave three times as much to Republicans as to the Democrats in 2012. Since then, the ratio has held steady or even worsened.

Donald Trump has already said he won't self-fund his billion-dollar presidential campaign. If recent history is any guide, he'll get a lot of it from Wall Street. It's time for the Democrats to unite against the GOP and Wall Street.

(btw, Trump boasts about being a "master of debt," and it's true that his real estate and casino empires were built almost entirely on debt, much of which he successfully walked away from. Banks were his enablers.)

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