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Dynomite Diesel Products LB7 Duramax Fuel Injectors

Some brands fuel the misconception (sorry for the pun) that these concentrated fuel injector cleaners work, since they don't include PEA in their recipes, or at least not enough to be active, instead filling their bottles with alcohols, kerosene or other fillers. Without PEA, this isn't really an effective fuel treatment.

The average cost for a fuel injector replacement is between $1,502 and $1,970. Labor costs are estimated between $250 and $316 while parts are priced between $1252 and $1654. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

The cost to replace fuel injectors depends on the vehicle type, its model, and the labor fee. The average price of fuel injector replacement can range from as low as $50 up to as high as $3,000 or more. Some are just for parts only while some include labor.

Fuel injector replacement cost. The simplest type of fuel injector is relatively cheap and may cost as low as $25. Depending on the brand and function, some fuel injectors may go over $100. Double this amount for labor costs if you don't plan on doing the repair and replacement yourself.

Diesel Injector Options and Part Costs. There are two main types of diesel injection used. The simpler version utilizes a diesel injection pump, which both generates fuel pressure and distributes fuel to each injector. These use relatively simple injectors, since most of the fuel management occurs at the injection pump.

Cleaning your fuel injector system helps remove fuel build-up and deposits, clears the intake valves and cylinder heads, and flushes out the entire fuel system. Cleaning the fuel system periodically can ensure your car performs efficiently, extend the life of your car's engine, improve engine performance, and increase fuel economy.

Dynomite Diesel Products LB7 Duramax Fuel Injectors
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